Cali got a new LADY BUG SPRINKLER!
I LOVE her little DIAPER BUM in her suit!

she WON'T run ALL THE WAY through it. This is AS CLOSE AS SHE GET'S!


Dave and Shelby said...

O.K. you and Kevin could not make more darling kids. I just love that Cali. I still have your christmas picture of her up and everyone just dies when they see it. She is so stinking cute. We were so sad that we had to miss for the second time the blessing. I can not believe I had to teach that day. I am sure it went just fine without us... I text Amy last night and told her that us three need to get together but I don't know if I have the right #. When is she due? We should exchange gifts because I still have your gift!!! Lets have the girls get together and play out side. My girls would love it. Now that I am feeling better life is not so crazy. We go out of town this weekend but then we will get back and Addie will be out of school. I will call you. I can't wait to see that baby... XOXO Shelby

Megan said...

Diaper bums are the best! And so are sprinklers! How fun!